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1 substantial 实质性的 2 enormous 巨大的 3 considerable 可观的 4 overwhelming 压倒性的 这里的上下文决定选项 D 最贴切。

An aggressive space discovery project has been activated by China recently, including construction of the space station completing on the year 2020.

1. afford 2.budget 3.stuck to 4. eat out 5. keep up with 6. master

even 有 恰巧在…时候的意思 这句话的意思是 你曾经什么时候刚好看到过她? 百度的。 一般美剧里如果出现even,我觉得很多情况都不用翻译,只要表示出强调语气就可以了. 如:Do you even know who he is?你知道他是谁么?(暗指he是一个了不起的人物...

这句的翻译并不准确,leaving漏翻了,那是“让”。 Cheating destroys self-respect and integrity, leaving the cheater ashamed, guilt and afraid of getting caught. 作弊有损自尊和诚信,让作弊者感到惭愧、内疚及时刻害怕被逮祝

around 在……周围 大约

他这里用的是which 不是what 所以前面是有选择的, which film would you like to see this Saturday? 大概意思就是:你想在星期六看哪一部电影? 也就是说,which film指的是哪一部电影,是单数

descibe my first day at college good morning,everyone. Thank you for being here . my topic is my first day at college. it was 4 years ago. everything was new. i was very curious about my college lfe. i know from then on . i wil...

1. 对世界其他地方即将发生的事的一个警告。store是储存的意思,what's in store有“即将发生的事”的引申意义。 2.IQ能够帮助解决大量的疑惑:我们所看到的多少(哪些)是自然变更,多少(哪些)是人类活动造成的结果。 3.a measur of the value ...

好好答题,这里不是你装逼的地方 As the train won't leave until one o'clock, we might as well grab a bite at the snack bar. 中文意思: 火车一点才开,咱们干脆去卖小吃的地方随便吃点儿什么东西吧。


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