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in a moment 是马上,跟英文口语in a minute一个意思 for a moment 这里的moment是有时间限制的,不想第一个,指的是(做什么什么事)一会 at the moment是指当时,通常是指过去 for the moment 意思跟上一个差不多 你自己觉得哪个是正确的 我说...

An aggressive space discovery project has been activated by China recently, including construction of the space station completing on the year 2020.

The student studies hard, but sometimes he has trouble with English. D(have had) 肯定是不对的。如果要用现在完成时,也起码要用“has had”,也轮不到用“have had”。而且这里的“has”和前半句的“studies”是呼应的,同样使用一般现在时。

您好答案是B 因为feel like doing 后面something to eat后置定语 希望帮助你

去了没回来用 be there 去了回来了即完成了 去 这个过程就用 have been或者have gone.have been强调 在那里 的状态,而 have gone 强调完成的这个去的动作。

 The Mid-Autumn festival has gradually become a formal festival since Tang Dynasty.


no other than 是一般语气,none other than 则强调出人意料的人或事 ~It was no other than his mother. 那就是他的母亲。 ~He called together his employees and announced that the manager was none other than his son. 他把所有的员工...

Isn't she your mother ? Yes , she is . (不,她是。) No , she isn't .(是的,她不是。) Is she your mother ? Yes, she is . (是的,她是) No , she isn't .(不,她不是)

及物动词与不及物动词往往可以相互转化。结构为 主语+及物动词+宾语 主语+不及物动词+介词+宾语


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