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I prefer living in a house,because living in house has less inteference, and I will have a small garden, so is more spacious

I live in the student dormitory 希望对你有所帮助。

17、It has always ___ me why you believe the Earth is flat.(1分)A、...19、Nowadays, children prefer ___ on computers to playing with friends outs...


小题1:B小题2:C小题3:A 试题分析:文章介绍英国人喜欢住在房子里不喜欢住在公寓里,原因是房子是有花园的。小题1:从第二段的句子:The back garden usually also has a lawn and flower beds, and sometimes a vegetable plot(菜地) fruit tree...


Do you live in a house or a flat? Have you ever considered moving to ...Do you prefer to write letters or emails? Why? What do you use your mob...


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